Podcasts by the food eXchange with host Cynthia Lim

Food on the Radio


Eat ethical, eat local, eat seasonal, eat well!

Join an engaged and enthusiastic community conversation about local food, local farmers and producers, food initiatives, healthier eating and more.


The food eXchange radio show is a weekly program that brings listeners in-depth interviews and stories about local farmers and food producers.

Listen in each Thursday to Seymour FM 103.9 between 10am - 11pm plus the show is repeated at 9am on Saturday mornings.  Those living outside the broadcast area can Listen Live by visiting the Seymour FM website or via the TuneIn app

Get the Dirt


Take your podcast with you and get the dirt while you work!


A podcast series specifically designed for land owners, farmers and growers.

Listen to in-depth discussions on soil care with experts in land management, organic farming, biodynamics, holistic management and more.

"Get the Dirt" is aimed at providing farmers from all types of farming enterprises with the latest insights from soil experts. Our key message "Farmers are the stewards of the soil".